Letting air out of the tires for a smoother ride and before heading across the Icelandic highlands. Photo: Scott Ableman.

About Us

Iceland Encounter specializes in private trips for small groups and families. Our quality tours offer a mix of activities, relaxation and cultural interaction.

Outdoor Adventure Travel

We've developed a series of multi-day programs and day-tours that combine awe-inspiring landscape with a variety of activities including hiking, sailing, glacier-walking and horseback riding.

Our expert guides will open your eyes to the history and culture of Iceland and ensure your safety and well-being along the way.

Private Guided Tours

Our focus is on private, guided tours. The process is simple: select one of our Private Excursions or Day Tours, tell us your travel dates, and we'll modify the program to suite your requirements. As a fully-licensed travel agency, we offer excellent rates on accommodations and other services.

If you like, we can also develop a new, custom itinerary based on your interests and budget.

Please call or for more information about Iceland Encounter and our tours.