Updated February 23, 2022

Today Iceland’s government announced that as of Friday, February 25, there are no longer any COVID-related border restrictions for travel to Iceland. Everyone is welcome, with no requirement for a PCR test to board aircraft or testing or quarantine upon arrival.

Both vaccinated and un-vaccinated travelers are welcome. There is no longer a requirement to present a certificate of vaccination or of prior COVID-19 infection at the border. This applies to all visitors worldwide.

At the same time, all social restrictions are being lifted domestically in Iceland, e.g., social distancing has been eliminated, masks are longer required in public places, and limitations on social gatherings have been dropped.

81% of Iceland’s population aged 5 and over are now fully vaccinated. About 110 000 Icelanders have already been diagnosed with COVID-19 – slightly less than one-third of the population – but it is estimated from antibody testing that and equal number already has been infected without being diagnosed.